Our Canada Med Pharmacy Testimonials

At Canada Med Pharmacy, we believe you and your loved ones deserve to live life happy and healthy. That’s why we offer affordable medications from safe, reliable pharmacies and fulfillment centers.

Of course, we know it’s hard to just trust the word of one website. As a result, we decided to take the extra step to interview over a dozen of our customers.

Through these testimonials, you can see why so many have come to rely on our medications and trust the service we provide.
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By Ronald, S Leawood, KS — November, 2019
Don't hesitate!

Canada Med Pharmacy provides us substantial savings ordering it this way besides in the States, we get into the donut hole, which makes it even more expensive for us to buy it in the US. Your company has made it so we don’t have to worry so much about how much the drug is going to cost because we know we’re going to get a fair price ordering it from you. As I said, in the United States, you get into the donut hole which makes everything more expensive when you’ve reached your limit even though the drug itself might cost one thing, it really impacts your total when you go over into the donut hole. So it has considerably saved us money. Several years ago, we used to buy online and we didn’t have any trouble with it, but then we got away from it. We just didn’t do it for awhile. We were happy to know that the service was still available when we found you guys. Initially, we had some concerns. But when we went back and we started buying from you again we had no hesitation because we had doubt with you before. My concern was always whether we’d get the medication on time, but we always have. We were worried about if the medication was up to standard, but it always has been. So those were our two main concerns. I’d tell other Americans not to be hesitant about using your service. It’s always been reliable. You’ve always done what you said you would do, and we’ve never had any trouble with it at all.

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By Anderson, K Destin, FL — November, 2019
You’ll be happy if you try it!

By using you instead of my local pharmacy, I save about $400 per month on the two prescriptions that I order from you. Canada Med Pharmacy has impacts our lives for the better in a monetary sense. It’s also easy; I don’t have to leave the house to order, it’s delivered right to me, and it’s just very convenient. Before discovering you buying medications was not as convenient. We bought them through our local pharmacy, which was not as pleasant of an experience. After using your service, I love ordering medications online. I prefer to do it online, actually, as I do all of my other shopping online. Before placing my first order, I was nervous about the legitimacy and the sources of the medication, but I had a friend that referred me to you guys, so that made me feel a little more comfortable. After starting with you, I’ve also in turn referred people to your service and told them about you since I knew that it’s a legit company. I’ve told them that you can go online there and see the pricing to compare to their insurance pricing. Or sometime they’re just having trouble with their insurance or the medication costs. It’s very easy to use, very friendly, and you’ll be happy if you try it.

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By Stephen, C Las Vegas, NV — November, 2019
Knowledgeable and courteous.

I'm not sure of the exact amount that I save by using your service, but it's probably between $500 and $1000 every time I place an order. Before using you, I was afraid of quality of meds, but due to the drastic savings I would be getting, I elected to try Canada Med Pharmacy. I've been very happy with the results, and my experience has been excellent. What really stood out to me was how knowledgeable and courteous the representative are. The only issue that I've experienced has been receiving too many refill reminder calls, but I opted out now and that works fine for me.

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By James, S Dearborn Heights, MI — November, 2019
Made a great impact.

Annually, I save about $250 on the one prescription that I order from you versus the cost at my local pharmacy. The impact on my life has been great. I tried every avenue prior to discovering you. I tried the VA, as I’m a disabled American veteran. I tried the company itself. I exhausted all the avenues, and then thought “What about Canada?” Then one of my doctors or nurses gave me Canada Med Pharmacy’s number. Ordering for my local pharmacy, the price is too high. I had to pay $400 for this prescription. Now, I have no problem with the cost, none whatsoever. To anyone who’s not sure about using this company: do it. Call Canada Med Pharmacy.

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By Robert, B College Station, TX — November, 2019
Saves me over $65 per pill.

Getting my medications from Canada Med Pharmacy has saved me over $65 per pill for one item I take every other day and $72 on a 10 ml bottle of injectable B-12. Had heard meds were cheaper from Canada but was not sure if it worked well until a friend told me of Canada Med Pharmacy, and that he had been ordering from them for years with no problems. It has been an extremely positive experience getting my medications from Canada Med Pharmacy with even better prices than Medicare sponsored prescription insurance plans. The staff is very personal and professional when ordering the medications. And I really appreciate the fact that they call ahead of time when it is time to renew a prescription when I would probably forget to place an order.

In summation, I would not be able to understand why anybody who needs meds would not take advantage of the service and savings available through Canada Med Pharmacy. It allows me to spend more time and expense on portraying Santa Claus every year in my area.

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By Mrk, L Waynesville, NC — November, 2019
Beat all my price comparisons.

After researching different sources available to me, I was able to save $472 for a 3 month supply of medication. Originally, my meds retail $1200 -$1300 for 3 months supply. I am paying $371, amazing!  I was not hesitant in ordering medication, big name pharmacies are all over the world. The cost of my medication is very high in the United Sates. Canada Med Pharmacy beat all my price comparisons. My experience with you is top notch, they are professionals. I have never had an issue with my medication. I trust them with supplying me with the proper medication.

Canada Med Pharmacy has always helped me with reminders to re-order meds. They are like any pharmacy, polite, well informed and they keep you in the loop. Whenever I have a chance to talk about expensive medications with my retired friends, I always refer them to your service.