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Utilizing Canadian Pharmacies During the Pandemic

Thursday 19 November 2020
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Table of Contents

I. Making Ends Meet

II. Canadian Pharmacies are Here for You

III. Canadian vs. American COVID-19 Response

IV. Why are Drugs Cheaper in Canada?

V. The Benefits of a Canadian Pharmacy

Making Ends Meet

The world may feel upside down right now, but that does not mean you should disrupt your medical treatment plan. As of early June, the U.S. Labor Department reported that employers eliminated nearly 30 million paid positions since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in early March. Other data suggests this number may be more like 40 million. Regardless, the loss of jobs in the United States has been astronomical. Now that people have been stuck in the house for several months, the reality of a lost income is becoming more daunting. [1]

Millions of people applied for unemployment benefits to make ends meet. The government unemployment website is not equipped to deal with this surge of requests, which has led to many people waiting for government help as their bank account dwindles. The $600 a week unemployment benefit is set to end on the last day of July. If you were lucky enough to qualify for the benefit, you no longer have a lifeline to pay your bills. [2] 

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Canadian Pharmacies are Here for You

The unemployment benefits from The Cares Act may be extended, but what are people left to do while waiting for the government to make a decision? This question weighs heavily on the minds of many Americans, especially those who are unable to pay their rent or buy groceries for their family. Many states passed legislation that forbade eviction for six months from the beginning of the pandemic. As the end of the summer nears, those six months are quickly coming to an end. Mass evictions are bound to occur in every state in the union. [3] 

Losing household funds can make people want to cut corners on all aspects of their daily life. This is an understandable reaction, but may be dangerous for those who decide to skimp on their medications. Luckily, Canadian pharmacies are there for Americans in these unprecedented times. Read on to learn more about how and why Canada is the place to buy your prescription medications online.

Canadian vs. American COVID-19 Response 

The majority of Americans receive their healthcare through their employer or pay out of pocket for private health insurance. Now that millions of Americans have been laid off, many Americans are now without health insurance. This is incredibly problematic, especially if you or a family member contracts the novel coronavirus and ends up in the hospital.

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As of mid-May, the Economic Policy Institute estimated that over 3.5 million workers were at high risk of losing their employer-provided insurance. Three months on, those numbers have only increased. [4] Cases in the United States continue to skyrocket, so the healthcare bills will continue to stack up.

The United States and Canada have vastly different medical systems, so their COVID-19 response has differed. The coronavirus north of the border is still affecting thousands of people, but the healthcare response couldn’t be more different. Canada’s universal, publicly funded health system has made it easier to commandeer the hospital systems in each territory or province. [5] This has limited the number of cases in Canada in comparison to the United States. In the U.S., hospitals are privately funded, making it more difficult to exert control on a grand scale and get the virus caseloads down. [6] 

Why are Drugs Cheaper in Canada?

Before the pandemic, thousands of people in the United States used Canadian pharmacies to get their prescription medications. Now that many people are without health insurance, the need for cheap prescription medications is greater than ever. The numbers differ from person to person, but the average American spends around $1200 on prescription drugs [7] while the average Canadian household spends about $450. Americans spend the most per person on healthcare than any other country in the world. [8] 

Medications are more expensive in the United States because prescription drug prices are not regulated. Unlike many other countries, there are no government agencies to negotiate lower drug prices, so price negotiations occur between individual insurers and drug manufacturers. This allows drug companies to put whatever price they want on a given product, which leads to high copays and the inability to afford life-saving medications. [9]

In Canada, the government foots the bill for prescription drugs and uses agencies like the Patented Medicine Prices Review Board to determine if drug prices are too high. There are also price caps on Canadian drugs, making them more accessible to Canadian people and Americans who want to utilize Canadian pharmacies. [10]

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The Benefits of a Canadian Pharmacy

Many U.S. citizens are hesitant to seek medical care because of the high cost of healthcare. This can also extend to prescription drugs, so if money is tight, people will try to keep food on the table instead of expensive medications. Luckily, Canadian pharmacies can help you save thousands on your prescription medications. Many Americans without insurance cannot afford to pay out of pocket for their daily drugs, so using Canadian pharmacies can help keep your family happy and healthy.

Now that money is tight for many in the States, you can look to Canada to get the prescription drugs you need. To utilize a Canadian pharmacy, all you need is a legitimate prescription from your physician, and we take it from there. You can submit your prescription to us over the phone, and we send your prescription drugs right to your door. The Canadian International Pharmacy Association certifies our pharmacies, so your medical and financial information is safe.

Life may not be the same right now, but that does not mean your medical treatment needs to stop. Not worrying about your medicine leaves you more time to spend with your family and focus on what is important during these uncertain times. To learn more about Canadian pharmacies and view the thousands of medications available, visit Canada Med Pharmacy.

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